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Are you being overcharged?

Find out for free, then cut your fixed costs – without even changing your vendors.

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Sneaky fees, puffy rates, contract compliance issues, billing errors and unclaimed credits can hurt your profits. Find out for FREE if you’re overpaying. Then put PricePoint to work to reduce your fixed costs.

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You don’t have the time to fix every error, claim every credit, dispute every overcharge and re-negotiate every contract. We do. Spend your time wisely, leave the hassle to us and watch your savings grow.

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With PricePoint, there is no upfront fee. If our work helps you save money, we simply earn a portion of the savings. That’s our only source of income, and our built-in incentive to bring you the best results.

How much should you pay for services like these?


Phone/Internet Service

Credit Card Processing

Waste Removal


Service Contracts


How are you supposed to know? Opaque pricing makes it tough to lower fixed costs on your own. PricePoint has the inside story. We know what services in your area should really cost, based on real numbers that vendors don’t like to share. We gather up this valuable benchmark data to get you the lowest rates — without switching vendors.

Fact: Most companies are being overcharged. Is yours?

Find out FREE, then cut fixed costs — without even changing vendors.

PricePoint doesn’t want you to change vendors. We just want you to get the best rates there are, with the vendors you already have.