Frequently Asked Questions about PricePoint

What does a PricePoint review cost?

Nothing. Our review is always free. We check your statements for errors, compliance issues and other potential losses. If we don’t find any opportunities to save, you don’t owe us anything. If we do, we give you our recommendations. From there, you get to decide which ones, if any, you want us to pursue. If we are able to lower your fixed costs as a direct result of our efforts, then and only then will you get a bill from PricePoint. We simply earn a portion of the savings we bring you, with no upfront cost. And we don’t send a bill until you actually start to see your savings.

Will the review take any time away from my staff?

Not at all! We only need a copy of last month’s bill to get started.

What makes PricePoint so effective at reducing fixed costs?

We perform a complete analysis of your invoices, then compare and benchmark your data to other clients and businesses we’ve worked with in the past. This allows us to better understand the service levels that are appropriate for your business, as well as determine the best-in-class pricing available for you.

Will I need to switch vendors?

No! PricePoint will work with your current vendors to provide your business with the best savings opportunities. We also monitor your vendors’ competitors to ensure you are receiving the best terms and pricing available.

Our company has several locations in different states. Can PricePoint help?

Absolutely! We serve clients of all sizes in all 50 states. The more locations you have, the more PricePoint can help you save.

What if a PricePoint review doesn’t uncover any savings opportunities?

You don’t owe us anything if we are unable to find any savings. Think of our review as a free second opinion that your vendors are honest, your company is lean and your expenses are market competitive!

We already have employees that manage these categories. How can PricePoint help?

PricePoint evaluates, audits and negotiates hundreds of bills each month, giving us a tremendous advantage and a keen eye for the best margins and rates. We’ve also been able to uncover billing errors and obtain substantial refunds for our clients.

What type of businesses does PricePoint help?

Any type. We have experience with many different industries, ranging from small businesses and large companies to non-profit and religious organizations.

How can I get started?

It’s easy. Reach us anytime at 228.323.3210, email us at or request a free review.