How it Works

  • Send us last month’s invoice

    Step One

    Send us last month’s invoice for each service you want us to review.

  • We check your bills

    Step Two

    We check your bills for sneaky fees, unclaimed credits, errors and compliance, then show you every opportunity to save.

  • We secure and monitor your savings

    Step Three

    We secure and monitor your savings for the length of our agreement.

Shrink your fixed costs. Grow your profits.

If you’re in charge of controlling your company’s expenses, PricePoint is your secret weapon.
Who knows — we might just help you earn a raise.

PricePoint does the work you don’t have time to do.

Fixed costs add up fast.

It’s a fact for every business: Credit card processing, phone and Internet, waste removal, copiers — monthly fixed costs like these take a chunk out of your revenue.

So do overcharges.

If you don’t keep a close eye on the fine print, you’ll be overcharged faster than you can say “hidden fee.” You’ll miss an error here, a credit there or a rate that’s creeping up behind your back.

Your company’s profits are at stake.

At first, it sounds like small potatoes. But multiply that revenue loss by every service you have, by every location you own, by every monthly billing cycle — and you could be losing a lot of money.

The real problem?

You don’t have the time to check each bill. Or dispute every mistake. Or constantly renegotiate your contracts. That’s not a wise use of your time. You run a business, and you need to focus on the big picture.

That’s where PricePoint comes in.

We do the work. You spend time and money wisely.

With PricePoint, we’re the ones who stay on hold for hours, climbing the phone tree, fixing mistakes and renegotiating contracts — not you. You’re off doing what really matters: Delighting your clients, building your team, expanding your network, perfecting your specialty and growing your business.

Keep your vendors. Get better prices.

PricePoint doesn’t want to change your vendors. We just want to get you the best rates there are, from the vendors you already have.

If we can’t help you save, you don’t pay a dime.

Worst-case scenario — all you get from calling PricePoint is free outside proof that you’re working with honest vendors who are giving you the best rates around on the services you need to run your business. That’s not so bad.

We simply earn a portion of the savings.

PricePoint will only bill you if we can reduce your fixed costs as a direct result of our efforts. Even then, we don’t charge you right away. We give you time to put our recommendations into place, and actually start to see your savings, before we invoice you. That bill — a percentage of your savings — is the only fee we charge. Our Shared Savings business model is the best incentive we can think of to do the greatest job for you.

Lock in your savings.

PricePoint doesn’t just negotiate a lower rate for a little while, only for it to creep up over time. We lock in your rates for years to come. Why not? The more you save, the more savings we share with you.

Our secret?
Inside information vendors don’t like to share.

Typically, PricePoint can negotiate much lower rates than our clients can on their own. Yes, we are experts in each vendor category we service: We know their jargon, margins, billing processes, unpublished discount rates and alternative rate tiers. We also know our way around an invoice. We see them by the thousands, and we can spot a billing error from a mile away. Most importantly, though, is the benchmark data on carefully guarded vendor pricing that we have meticulously gathered through years of helping clients negotiate expense categories. This is how we know what you should — and more importantly, could — be paying for your services and supplies. That information is negotiating gold. We can’t wait to put it to work for you.

Get started now. It’s fast and easy.

All it takes is a copy of last month’s bill. Just one single copy, for any service you want us to check. No drawn-out meetings, no extra work, no strangers poking around in your books. Scan. Send. Done. If you’re too busy for that, we’ll come to you.